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Exhibitor List 2017

2018 vendors to be announced

Store Name Booth Vender Last Name Vender First Name
AD Antiques Barn 3 Anseeuw Dean
Aubrey's Antiques      Z10 Aubrey Ken
Ted Argent Antiques J5 Argent Ted
John Barclay Antiques Tent Barclay John
Barb Behr Antiques X1 Behr Barb
Side Street Antiques A6/A7 Bell Rob
Global Assets Solutions Z8 Bertrand  
Dominique Boulay P1/P2 Boulay Dominique
Otter Creek Antiques Tent Breeze Bill
Century old Antiques J3 Brezenick Jim
Jon Boss Antiques Tent Boss Jon
Verre Le Passe G1 Brunet Monique
Brian Buttery Antiques Rink Buttery Brian
R. Carruth Antiques A3/A4 Carruth R
Pierre Chaloup Antiques B8 Chaloup Pierre
Chute A Blondeau D7 Chute C
Tim Coville Antiques A5 Coville Tim
Something to Crowe About D8 Crowe Andy
Brian Davis Antiques E2 Davis Brian
Fred's Shed H1/H2 Desabrais Fred
Gerry Dynbort Antiques F5 Dynbort  Gerry
Montague House Tent Dobson Bill
Royality and Empire J1/J2 Douglas Ian
Whippletree Antiques K2 Douwes Doug & Evelyn
Croydon House Antiques Tent Field David
R.F.H. Antiques Palace Flenstead/Holder Richard
Larry Foster Antiques Tent Foster Larry
Peter Frampton Antiques Rink Framptom Peter
Richard Fulton Antiques Rink Fulton Richard
Circa 1856 F4 Gamache Craig
The Oak Man  U1 Gauthier Claude
Jean Marie Antiques Rink Giroux Jean Marie
Yesterday/Yesteryear Palace Handy Peter
Ed Haroldson Antiques Rink Haroldson Ed
The Rust is History E4 Horth Mike
Cedar Chest Antiques B1 Huffman Lorne and Cindy
Rick Huxtable Antiques K1 Huxtable Rick
The Carson  House X2 Irvine Matthew & Peggy
Boneyard Antiques  X3 Jared Ruth
Jones Collectibles E7 Jones Jason
Times Past Antiques Palace Kamoff Michael
The Plantation Rink Keeling Tom
Ol Junk Barn Kowalchuk E.
Everything and In Between Rink Klickperg Mike
D.D. Antiques G5 Kuhn Doug
Labossiere Antiques B6/D6 Labossiere Marcel
Colin Latrielle Antiques E1 Latrielle Colin
Lauzon Antiques D2 Lauzon Chris
Old Things For You  K5 Lee Steve & Suzanne
Jamie McDougall Antiques E2 McDougal Jamie
Pollikers AA Marks Gerry
Joyce 'n' Rich F6 Martin Joyce & Rich
Christian Menard U2 Menard  Christian
Historic Antiques U2 Menard  Roberto
Graye Reine Antiques D1 Monier Travis
Whistle Stop Antiques Z9 Moore Tracy
Brian Morgan  Antiques E6 Morgan Brian
Glenn Morris Antiques G4 Morris Glenn
Heather Morris Antiques H4/H5 Morris Heather
Gary Munro Antiques A2 Munro Gary
Milberg X2 Rink Milberg Carol & Hank
Meadoe Creek Barns PO Neilly Peter
A Tick inTyme P4 Newland Ken & Holly
Rogues Hollow Antiques Palace O'Hara Katherine
Flat Rick Rapids Antiques X4 Osborne Sonny 
Rick Payce Antiques A1 Payce Rick
The Vintage Crate F1 Pelky Dave
Puddicombe Antiques I2 Puddicombe  Derek
Dave Purcell Antiques Rink Purcell David
Antiques  Papineau B4 Richer Maurice
Early Bird Antiques B2 Reid Dave
Splurge Antiques Rink Reid Jeff
Reids Antiques E5 Reid Robert
Mud Lake Collectibles D4 Riley  Joanne
Frank Schafer Antiques B7 Schafer Frank
Hillary Scott Collectibles G2 Scott  Hillary
Daryl Silver Antiques Rink Silver Daryl
Simmons Antiques Palace Simmons K.
Dovetails and Square Nails P3 Slack Rod & Bea
Adam's Collectibles Palace Sloaunwhite Adam
Collettes Treasures B5 Spoar  Randy
Classic Antiques I4 Stroud D.
Century Old Antiques J4 Thouin Pat
Antique Allie E7 VanMarle  Brenda & Lea
Antiquity Shop D5 Videcki  J.
Loyalist Antiques K3 Weese Bill
Almonte Antique Vendor I3 Wildsmith Brian
Ted Williams Antiques Tent Williams Ted
Salvage Garden K4 Wood David
Dan Yetman Antiques F2 Yetman Dan
Zegers Designs G6 Zegers Andrew

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