The 31st Annual Odessa Antique Show

EARLY ADMISSION ON Saturday, Aug 10th, 2019, from 2 pm to 6 pm
Lower Rates $15 (includes re-entry on Sunday)
Sunday, August, 11th, 2019 from 8 am to 4 pm, $5

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Eastern Ontario's Largest Outdoor Antique Show

The Odessa Antique Show and Sale, the largest outdoor antique show in eastern Ontario. At this popular annual event, dealers from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes display a wide variety of antique and collectible treasures. Held at the Odessa Fairgrounds 10 miles west of Kingston, just south of the 401, exit 599 (Wilton Rd.)

Collectors can count on discovering anything from furniture to household items, tools, textiles, paintings, folk art, jewellery and glass and china. Whether you're hoping to decorate your home with heritage objects or retro pieces or add to a long-held collection, the Odessa Antique Show will no doubt yield many fascinating finds. The prices suit every budget, ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars.

The dealers arrive and begin unpacking their wares on Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. Keen visitors can pay the $20 early-bird admission, which includes re-entry on Sunday; checking in early allows you to peruse the stalls, examine the items up close and be the firstcoke sign display to buy.

Admission on Sunday from 8 a.m. onwards costs $8. With free parking and an abundance of delectable homemade food, the Odessa Antique Show is an excellent deal and a great event for a summer afternoon, not only for antique lovers but for anyone interested in eye-catching memorabilia.

No reproductions are allowed. This is an antique & collectibles show.


More than 100 vendors from across Ontario, Quebec, and even Atlantic barnCanada, are expected at the event, which organizers describe as the largest antique show in Eastern Ontario. The event has survived for nearly a quarter of a century because it caters to both kinds of antique collectors. vender tents

"You have a certain type of collector that is interested in purchasing items to decorate their house; they're not so interested in the investment value," Dobson said , said Bill Dobson, who was the owner of the show until he handed it over to Karen Leacock-Brown in 2011. "The other area is people who want to purchase things as a fairly good investment for value in the future.

"The interesting thing about the Odessa show is it's so large and so diverse it satisfies all types of collectors."